UPF Europe Newsletter June 2017

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International Day of Families Observed in Germany

Nuremberg, Germany—To mark the UN International Day of Families, UPF held a discussion on “Attachment Theory, or How Love Really Works.”

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International Day of Families Observed in Italy

Rome, Italy—On the occasion of the UN International Day of Families, UPF-Italy held a conference in the Palazzo San Macuto of the Italian Parliament.

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International Day of Families Observed in France

Paris, France—In honor of the 2017 UN International Day of Families, UPF-France held a forum under the theme “The Family in the 21st Century—Evolution or Crisis?”

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International Day of Families Observed in Norway

Oslo, Norway—The UN International Day of Families was celebrated with a program on the topic “Family and Society—Our Families’ Situation in 2017.”

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Swiss Children Vie for Soccer’s Peace Cup

Novazzano, Switzerland—Ten teams of schoolchildren took part in the 2017 Peace Cup soccer tournament, which “entertains and socializes [and is] not just a competition.”

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UPF-Austria Holds Second Interreligious Breakfast

Linz, Austria—An interreligious breakfast held by UPF asked the question “What Can Religions Contribute to Solving the Problems of Our Age?”

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Leadership Lessons from an Austrian Empress

Linz, Austria—On the occasion of the 300th birthday of Maria Theresa, a lecture explored how the Austrian empress strove to bring career and family together.

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Slovakia Lecture Probes Media Influence

Bratislava, Slovakia—The power of the media to shape public opinion was the topic of a lecture held by UPF-Slovakia.

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United Nations

Family at the Heart of Sustainable Development Goals

Member states of the “Core Group of the Family Initiative” in Geneva sponsored a photo exhibition at the Palais des Nations from February 23 to March 2.

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Global Day of Parents Observed at UN

New York, United States—The essential role of parents and family cohesion in ensuring children’s well-being was discussed at a program held at the United Nations.

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Highlights from the 34th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

The 11th President of the Human Rights Council, Joaquín Alexander Maza Martelli, welcomed the largest gathering of dignitaries in the Council's history to the 34th Human Rights Council in Geneva. The HRC’s annual session debuted on February 27 and ended March 24.

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Special Envoy Angelina Jolie Urges Initiative

In the context of the 34th Human Rights Council, Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie, delivered the annual Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation Lecture.

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Expert opinions

Family harmony and peace: Source of stability, progress and social peace

Dr Miguel Cano discusses the importance of the family as the basic unit or cell of the social organism and explains that, when the family deteriorates or becomes corrupted, the whole society suffers the consequences.

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Human Rights Day: Challenges and Opportunities of Our Time

The following is based on a presentation by Dr. Aaron Rhodes at the Seminar, “Challenges and Opportunities of Our Time,” held in the Parliament of the Czech Republic on 25 November 2016, hosted by MP Nina Nováková under the co-sponsorship of UPF.

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« Djihâd », does it have a gender?

Ms. Bouchra Belguellil, associate researcher at the Institute for Prospect and Security in Europe, discusses the topic, "« Djihâd », does it have a gender?".

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