• International Day of Peace Observed in France

    International Day of Peace Observed in France

    Paris, France—“Brotherhood and Religion” was the theme of an interreligious forum held to mark the 2016 International Day of Peace.

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  • French Forum Focuses on Educating with Values

    UPF-France Convenes Forum on Education

    Paris, France—“The Role of the Family in Education” was the theme of a forum attended by around 60 Ambassadors for Peace and guests.

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  • Intervention of Mr. Jacques Marion

    Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General, UPF Europe

    Video of the intervention of Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General, UPF Europe.

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  • International Day of Families Observed in France

    Jacques Marion, president of UPF France

    Paris, France—UPF-France used the occasion of International Day of Families to hold its first Forum on Family and Religion.

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  • Conference in Paris Promotes Europe-Eurasia Cooperation

    ELC December 2013

    Paris, France - A conference on "Eurasia and Europe: Cooperating for a Culture of Peace and Human Development" took place in Paris, France, Dec. 3-4, 2013, calling attention to the new "Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures" that was inaugurated in August 2013 at the instigation of Kazakhstan and being spearheaded by UNESCO.

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  • Rapport sur session V: Forum des jeunes

    Mrs Sonja Read

    Consisting of young people as well as a professional working with youth, the Youth Panel aimed to explore the role that youth volunteering can have in enhancing a culture of peace between Europe and Eurasia. The opportunities and challenges of organising joint Europe and Eurasia youth volunteering projects as a way of enhancing peace between the regions was looked at through discussing existing projects, the impact these have, and through proposing possible new initiatives.

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  • The Role of Volunteering for You and Me

    Ms Marlies Haider

    I want to start with a practical example of volunteering. This summer I was part of the Religious Youth Service (RYS). It took place in Estonia, Johvi, from the 1st to 10th of August, 2013. The project was supported by the Lutheran church of St. Michael, which provided us with accommodation, food and work support. 20 representatives from 13 different countries participated at this RYS projects, such as Germany, France, Austria, UK, Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, Estonia, and Philippines.

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  • Eurasia and Europe: Cooperating for a Culture of Peace & Human Development

    Dr Chang Shik Yang, Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation

    Distinguished Guests, Ambassadors of Peace, Ladies & Gentlemen, on behalf of the Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and the members of the Board of Directors and the Presiding Council of UPF International, it is my privilege to address you today here in Paris for this conference on Cooperating for a Culture of Peace and Human Development.

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  • Can the Family be a Vehicle for Cultural Rapprochement between East and West?

    Josef Gundacker, President, Family Forum, Austria

    Through my work with the Family Forum and also being a partner in the Austrian Family Network, I feel that family is the key factor for human development to create a culture of peace. Having visited different countries in Europe and beyond, I learned that family is of great importance in the life of people in the East and in the West, and so, I maintain, that family is the primary vehicle of rapprochement.

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  • The Rising Need for Societal Development

    Dr. Walther Lichem, Former Head, Department of International Organizations, Foreign Ministry, Austria

    The global agendas for the 21st century are marked by an enhanced focus on the human being, on the citizen and on societies in addition to the traditional addressing of issues related to governments and states. Peace is not any more the achievement of governmental armament, defended borders and related policies but, as the title of our meeting indicates, the result of value structures of societal cultures carried by the human being and by societies.

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  • Women’s role for peace in the 21st Century

    S. Exc. Madame Tadelech HAILE-MIKAEL Ambassadeur extraordinaire et plénipotentiaire de l'Éthiopie en France, Délégué permanent auprès de l'Unesco
    I would like to welcome Reverend Kwak, H.E. Dr. Boutros Boutros-Gali, Professor Jacques Barrat, Dr. Walsh and all the family of the Universal Peace Federation. Though this is not the first time that this Federation is having gatherings here at UNESCO, this is my first time to welcome them and to address the family of the Peace Federation.

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