International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

Parliamentarians play a central role in nations throughout the world, representing the people, respecting the rule of law, and upholding human rights; in effect, parliamentarians work to build safe, secure, stable and peaceful societies.

The “International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace” is being launched as a worldwide association of parliamentarians which provides a forum to bring their experience and wisdom to bear in the search for solutions to our world’s problems. Parliamentarians from around the world have offered their remarks on the importance of their work and the value of increased cooperation and collaboration in the search for innovative solutions to some of the critical issues that we face on the local, national, regional and global levels, from climate change to the rise of extremist ideologies to humanitarian disasters and conflict.

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  • Intervention of Hon. Silvio Parnis

    Hon. Silvio Parnis, Member of Parliament, Malta

    I am very honoured to address this conference and to be part of IAPP. First of all, may I introduce myself? I am from Malta, a country which, from the beginning, even before its independence in 1964, promoted initiatives for peace.

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  • Intervention of Hon. Virendra Sharma

    Hon. Virendra Sharma, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom

    First, please accept my apologies for not being able to join you earlier. I’m supposed to be out of the country, but all the program changed and I happen to be here, so first let me welcome you all here and say how glad am I and proud to be associated, myself, with the organisation and the many friends I can see from everywhere that I can see joining us today.

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  • Intervention of Hon. Karlis Kreslins

    Hon. Karlis Kreslins, Member of Parliament, Latvia

    It’s only natural that good people want everyone else to feel good too. It is reminiscent of communism, in which everyone is supposed to contribute what they are best at and get what they need.

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  • Keynote Address: Dr. Sun Jin Moon

    Dr. Sun Jin Moon, International Chair, Universal Peace Federation

    Distinguished members of parliament! Participants in the UPF International Leadership Conference, from Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa. Ladies and gentlemen! Good afternoon. It is an honor for me to stand here today in this historic venue and to be with all of you.

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  • Budapest round table

    Budapest round table

    Following up on the Vienna Round table, 17 politicians, experts, academics and NGO representatives from 5 nations gathered in Budapest on Monday 24, October 2016 for a Round table convened by Hon. Nina Nováková, member of the Czech Parliament and Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General of UPF Europe.

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  • Kosovan Conference Seeks a ‘Righteous Peace’

    Kosovan Conference Seeks a ‘Righteous Peace’

    Pristina, Kosovo—Around 90 dignitaries from Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo attended a one-day conference titled “Righteous Peace, Sustainable Peace.”

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  • Intervention of and interview with Hon. Nina Nováková

    Hon. Nina Nováková

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am very honoured to be here today.

    Let me introduce myself: I am a woman, white, Czech, catholic, European, mother, wife, teacher, politician, activist…

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  • Letter of Greetings from Senator Ahmet Palankoev

    I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this imposing inter-parliamentary peacemaking action — the Universal Peace Federation, which was able to involve such qualified personalities for the common good. This significant event brought together people caring, principled, and open to dialogue.

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  • Intervention of Hon. Hilik Bar

    Hon. Hilik Bar

    First, I am very excited to be here at the British Parliament to actually discuss peace. I am not saying this just for nothing, because it’s not very popular to discuss peace; not in our region, in the Middle East and in Israel between us and the Palestinians, and definitely not in parliament. What we are doing here, UPF at the British parliament, is amazing; it is to put peace at the top of the priorities.

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  • Intervention of Hon. Eleonora Bechis

    Hon. Eleonora Bechis

    Today in this institutional setting I’m going to talk to you with humility and passion about the reasons why I consider essential, for my country and for the whole world, the establishment of a worldwide association of parliamentarians, whose purpose is to weave a rich, continuous dialogue in order to build peace and the awakening of human consciousness.

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  • Italy Sets the Stage for Parliamentarians Association

    Italy Sets the Stage for Parliamentarians Association

    Rome, Italy—A major conference connected with the launch of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace was held in the Italian Parliament.

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  • Vienna round table on family values

    Vienna round table on family values

    Some 25 politicians, experts and NGO representatives from Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria gathered for a Round Table on “Family Values, Family Policies, European Culture: Challenges and Opportunities in Central Europe Today” on July 8, 2016, in Vienna.

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  • Czech Parliamentarians Probe Paths to Peace

    Mrs Nina Nováková, MP Czech Republic

    Prague, Czech Republic—UPF held a roundtable in the Czech Parliament hosted by Mrs Nina Nováková MP to discuss the roles of religious and secular leaders in bringing peace.

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