I would like to suggest a few guidelines, which I hope you will consider in your discussions about the unification of Korea. With regard to North Korea, there are several prerequisites to the process of reunification.First, North Korea must abandon its plans for military conquest of the South. Second, they must put an end to their extreme isolation and open their society to the world community of nations. Third, they must carry out their own version of glasnost, thereby giving their people the most important freedom, the freedom to worship as they desire, and they must put a stop to the deification of their leader.


Only then will North Korea be ready to undertake effective economic reforms. As North Korea begins to cooperate with South Korea and the other nations of the world, it will become increasingly evident to its leaders that unless they give people realistic hope for a better life, as well as incentives and freedoms to achieve it, it will be virtually impossible for them to increase their productivity.

I want to emphasize, however, that there must also be change in South Korea. South Korea has been experiencing an unprecedented wave of prosperity. This prosperity must be seen for what it is, the blessing of God, and it must be shared with others. We the people of this nation must now be ready and willing to embrace our brothers and sisters in the North, and help to alleviate their suffering. In the same way, the free world must now totally support the initiatives toward freedom made in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China.


 Extract from the speech "True Peace in Our Time, the Reunification of Korea, and East-West Cooperation" by Dr Sun Myung Moon given on February 2,1990 at the Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea, at the Second Summit Council for World Peace and the Eighth Association for the Unity of Latin America Conference

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