The eighth session consisted of reflections and the presentation of Ambassador for Peace Certificates.

The sixth session was chaired by Mr. Bogdan Pammer, Youth Director, UPF-Europe.

The fifth session was chaired by Mrs. Yoshiko Pammer, Youth UPF-Austria.

The seventh session was chaired by Mr. Peter Zöhrer, President of the Unification Movement in Austria.

Irina Borisovna Orlova, Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Social and Political Research, Russian Academy of Sciences

Many former theoretical concepts about the inter-ethnic and inter-cultural interactions between different population groups in Europe are being revised. One such concept is multiculturalism.

Sergei Kuchinsky, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Council of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia

The Second World War with its countless victims was a great tragedy for all humanity. One of the most important motivations for opposing any acts of aggression and violence should be the remembrance of millions of fallen, mutilated, and tortured victims of concentration camps.

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