Peace and Migration: Cross-Regional Perspectives

While Middle Eastern countries struggle under the weight of millions of refugees, European nations offer opened doors or high fences. Today's crises raise questions of economic survival and cultural identity. Is migration a right? Is hospitality an obligation? How to balance the needs for integration and the preservation of one's native culture? Panelists will address these questions and recommend principles, policies and action steps that can lead to sustainable models for peaceful coexistence.

Moderator:  Mr. David Fraser Harris, Secretary General, UPF Middle East and North Africa


  • Werner Fasslabend, Minister of Defence (1999-2000), Austria
  • Ulla Sandbaek, Member of Parliament, Denmark
  • Mohammad Al Antaki, Secretary General, Integrated Community Based Initiative, Jordan
  • Paulo Pisco, Member of Parliament, Portugal
  • Antonio Stango, Secretary General, Italian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights


Dr. Antonio Stango, Secretary General, Italian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

Let me come back to the title of this conference where the question is, “Is migration a right and is hospitality an obligation?”. We should investigate this from the point of view of international law and the practical reality, because it is not always possible to use these two spheres together.

Dr. Werner Fasslabend, Minister of Defence (1990-2000), Austria

There are 3 Mediterranean routes, a western one, a central one and an eastern one and this shows that you can control migration, at least partly. People are seeking a better life.

Hon. Paulo Pisco

Mr. President,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me express how much I feel honored to participate in this conference dedicated to peace in the world, in the perspective of respect for life and common understanding among peoples.

Hon. Ulla Sandbæk

We don’t need hospitality, but to take responsibility for the sake of the world. It is our responsibility if the Middle East is destabilized, since we went into Irak without an exit strategy and this was destabilizing for the whole region and is the main reason why we have so many refugees now.

Dr. Mohammad Al Antaki

Ladies and gentlemen, Friends and guests First of all, I would like to thank (International peace federation), for organizing this gathering and to Discuss about refugees problem, the modern times problem.

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