Finnish Peace Road Leads into Parliament

Helsinki, Finland—The 2018 Peace Road event started with a walk through central Helsinki and ended at a peace-themed program in the Finnish Parliament.

Principles as a Solution to the World’s Problems

Prague, Czech Republic—The Czech chapter of UPF invited its Ambassadors for Peace to a seminar on the founder’s teachings.

UPF-Italy Holds a Seminar for Its Friends

Rome, Italy—UPF invited longtime friends and acquaintances to a one-day seminar to discuss the ideals that guide its activities.

If ‘Peace Starts with Me,’ Then How?

Nuremberg, Germany—A UPF program discussed how to translate the phrase “Peace Starts with Me” into actions with results.

Diverse Couples Renew Wedding Vows in Birmingham

Birmingham, United Kingdom—Sixty couples from many different backgrounds took part in a World Peace Blessing held by UPF and an affiliated organization.

‘Peace Road’ Team Travels from Kiev to Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine—A group of mostly children traveled from Kiev to Odessa as the Ukrainian contribution to the Peace Road 2018 campaign.

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