Middle East Ambassadors for Peace Gather in Rome for Peace Principles Seminar

Rome, Italy—Ambassadors for Peace from throughout the Middle East participated in a three-day seminar on UPF’s Peace Principles held in Rome.

International Day of Families Observed in Italy

Bergamo, Italy—International Day of Families was celebrated in the northern Italian city of Bergamo under the theme "The Value of the Family for the New Millennium.”

French Interfaith Forum Discusses the Afterlife

Paris, France—A new series of interreligious forums started with the topic “The Reality of Life after Death and Contemporary Society.”

Young Austrians Discuss the Changing European Landscape

Vienna, Austria—“Walls or Bridges? Populism, Integration and the Future of Europe” was the title of a panel discussion organized by the Youth Committee of UPF-Austria.

International Day of Families Observed in Germany

Nuremberg, Germany—To mark the UN International Day of Families, UPF held a discussion on “Attachment Theory, or How Love Really Works.”

UPF-UK Celebrates Africa Day

London, United Kingdom—Africa Day 2017 as celebrated by UPF-UK was a colorful and inspiring program of African speakers, music and foods.

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