UPF Launched in Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece—“Living for the Sake of Others” was the topic of the conference inaugurating UPF in Greece.

Peace Council Established in Librazhd, Albania

Librazhd, Albania—Many important figures were among the 35 participants at the launch of the local UPF Peace Council in this eastern Albanian town.

Peace Council Established in Peshkopi, Albania

Peshkopi, Albania—With the support of local government, UPF founded a local Peace Council in Albania’s Dibër region.

UPF Holds First Event in Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany—Guests were educated and entertained by song and dance at UPF’s “Africa and Global Peace” program.

Peace Council Established in Bilisht, Albania

Bilisht, Albania—Ten local dignitaries became Ambassadors for Peace at a program which also saw the founding of a local UPF Peace Council.

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Upper Austria

Gramastetten, Austria—Forty-five guests representing eight religious denominations celebrated the 2018 World Interfaith Harmony Week.

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