Norway’s ‘Peace Road’ Starts in Mosque

Oslo, Norway—The 2017 Peace Road event began with an evening program in the largest mosque in Norway.

Germans Discuss Intercultural, Interreligious Mauritius

Karlsruhe, Germany—A German UPF representative has described his interreligious and intercultural meetings in Mauritius over the past two decades.

UPF-Andorra Connects to the ‘Peace Road’

Andorra la Vella, Andorra—Andorra joined the global event Peace Road 2017 with the theme of “Connecting the World through Peace.”

Peace Road 2017 Held to Support Peace on Korean Peninsula

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg On July 16, 2017, a “Peace Road 2017” event was held in Luxembourg, which involved visiting two important places.

Ambassador for Peace Gives an Internal View of North Korea

Hamburg, Germany—An Ambassador for Peace who has visited North Korea 11 times gave a presentation on the social and political life of this mysterious country.

Middle East Ambassadors for Peace Gather in Rome for Peace Principles Seminar

Rome, Italy—Ambassadors for Peace from throughout the Middle East participated in a three-day seminar on UPF’s Peace Principles held in Rome.

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