Annual Youth Achievement Awards Presented in London

London, UK - The annual Youth Achievement Awards were presented on July 1, 2014, in the House of Commons. These awards honored young adults from various backgrounds who have in some way impacted the lives of people around them and beyond, and the recipients explained their activities.

International Day of Families Observed at a Conference in the Czech Parliament

Prague, Czech Republic -A conference in the Parliament of the Czech Republic on May 22, 2014 in observance of the International Day of Families was organized by UPF-Czech Republic, UPF-Germany and other Czech partner organizations.

Peace Council Established in Presheva, South Serbia

Presheva, Serbia - Members of the Albanian Peace Council established by UPF-Albania and Kosovo in November 2013 visited Serbia April 26-27, 2014, to organize a peace council in the city of Presheva, the cultural center of Albanians living in South Serbia.

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed at the Vienna International Centre

Vienna, Austria - An observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week took place at the Vienna International Center (UN Headquarters) on Feb. 7, 2014. Speakers on the theme of the Role of Religions in Promoting a Culture of Peace included religious representatives, academics, journalists, and leaders of NGOs.

Albania National Peace Council Forges a Vision for the New Year

Prizren, Kosovo - The annual assembly of the Albanian National Peace Council coincided with the biennial election of new officers for the council and for the UPF-Albania leadership.

Day of Peace Observed at the UN Headquarters in Vienna

Vienna, Austria - Nobel laureate Rigoberta Menchú delivered the keynote address at a celebration of the International Day of Peace on Sept. 20, 2013, at the Vienna International Centre.

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