15th Anniversary of Angola’s Day of Peace and Reconciliation

Bad Camberg, Germany — On April 29, 2017 the resident Angolan community in Germany had a meeting at Bad Camberg to celebrate Angola’s Peace and Reconciliation Day, which commemorates the end of its 27-year civil war (1975-2002). The program was organized in partnership with UPF-Portugal and was attended by 175 participants who came from all over Germany.

UPF-Austria Holds Second Interreligious Breakfast

Linz, Austria—An interreligious breakfast held by UPF asked the question “What Can Religions Contribute to Solving the Problems of Our Age?”

Germans Discuss Near-Death Experiences

Düsseldorf, Germany—Near-death experiences were the subject of a presentation given by a theologian and philosopher at a meeting held by UPF.

UPF-UK Focuses on Genocide

London, United Kingdom—“Genocides: The Before and After” was the title of UPF-UK’s annual genocide awareness event.

Leadership Lessons from an Austrian Empress

Linz, Austria—On the occasion of the 300th birthday of Maria Theresa, a lecture explored how the Austrian empress strove to bring career and family together.

UPF and WFWP Co-Host Event: “The Interreligious Gathering and Action as the Driving Forces for Social Peace”

Madrid, Spain—On Saturday, April 1st, UPF and WFWP-Spain co-hosted the 5th and last session of the Cycle of Conferences: The Cornerstones for Peace. This time the topic dealt with “The Interreligious Gathering and Action as the Driving Forces for Social Peace.”

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