Alpine Peace Road Unites Three Nations

Klagenfurt, Austria—Bicyclists from Italy, Slovenia and Austria took part in a UPF Peace Road event that visited all three nations in one day.

Lecture Stresses the Importance of Family Bonds

Bonn, Germany—Attachment, the deep emotional bond that underlies the parent-child relationship, was the topic of a talk organized by UPF.

Interfaith Conference Held in Paris

Paris, France—More than 90 participants attended a UPF conference titled “Building a Peaceful and Inclusive Society: The Role of Religions.”

Teens’ Dream: To Be ‘Peace-Loving Global Citizens’

Vlorë, Albania—The winners of an essay competition inspired by the UPF founder’s autobiography were announced at a special high-school program.

Seminar Envisions Pakistan on the New Silk Road

Vienna, Austria—The president of Pakistan-administered Azad Jammu and Kashmir was the main speaker at a seminar on Pakistan’s future role.

UPF-Portugal Participates in Major Interfaith Dialogue

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF Discusses “Christianity, Culture, and Dialogue in a Changing World” at the International Congress of Contemporary Christianity.

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