Albanians Study How to Promote Tolerance in Children

Vlora, Albania—Encouraging young people to be more tolerant and understanding was the focus of a seminar held by UPF of Albania.

UPF-Portugal Gives Seminar in Character Education

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF-Portugal invited the leaders of several partner organizations for a one-day seminar in character education.

Rome Conference Stresses ‘Cooperation for Peace’

Rome, Italy—"Cooperation for Peace, Dignity for Everyone” was the title of a one-day conference organized by UPF-Italy.

International Day of Peace Observed in Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany—International Day of Peace 2016 was observed by UPF-Munich with an interreligious peace prayer.

International Day Peace Observed in Norway

Oslo, Norway—The 2016 International Day of Peace was celebrated with a program titled “The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Religion.”

International Day of Peace Observed in Italy

Monza, Italy—An interfaith prayer for peace was held by candlelight to celebrate the 2016 International Day of Peace.

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