Young Albanians Compete with Essays about UPF Founder

Korça, Albania—About 100 students took part in a competition in which they wrote essays inspired by the autobiography of UPF founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

UK Ambassadors for Peace Enjoy Weekend Retreat

Seend, United Kingdom—England’s beautiful West Country was the setting for a weekend retreat in which Ambassadors for Peace studied the UPF Peace Principles.

Denmark’s ‘Great Prayer Day’ Goes Interfaith

Copenhagen, Denmark—In honor of the public holiday known as “Great Prayer Day,” UPF-Denmark held an interfaith prayer meeting for religious leaders.

Balkan Ambassadors for Peace Study UPF Peace Principles

Petrovac, Montenegro—Thirty-one Ambassadors for Peace and other VIPs from Albania and Kosovo attended a four-day seminar on the UPF Principles of Peace.

15th Anniversary of Angola’s Day of Peace and Reconciliation

Bad Camberg, Germany — On April 29, 2017 the resident Angolan community in Germany had a meeting at Bad Camberg to celebrate Angola’s Peace and Reconciliation Day, which commemorates the end of its 27-year civil war (1975-2002). The program was organized in partnership with UPF-Portugal and was attended by 175 participants who came from all over Germany.

UPF-Austria Holds Second Interreligious Breakfast

Linz, Austria—An interreligious breakfast held by UPF asked the question “What Can Religions Contribute to Solving the Problems of Our Age?”

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