UPF-Ukraine Celebrates UN International Day of Peace

Kiev, Ukraine—Thirty-seven children received a Junior Ambassador for Peace Certificate at the Peace Congress with the theme “All the World for Peace.”

Irish Forum Discusses Brexit Effects

UPF-Ireland added a forum to its “Peace Road” event, discussing the effects of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

‘Peace Road’ Bicyclists Follow Berlin Wall

Berlin, Germany—Twenty peace activists bicycled along the route of the former Berlin Wall as part of the 2018 Peace Road event.

Utrecht Meeting Focuses on Peace Principles

Utrecht, Netherlands— “Principles and Methods to Accomplish Peace” was the topic of a meeting held by UPF-Netherlands.

Regensburg Peace Road Follows the Danube River

Regensburg, Germany—Inspired by the motto “Connecting the World through Peace,” 18 bicyclists rode along the Danube River, which connects 10 European nations.

Finnish Peace Road Leads into Parliament

Helsinki, Finland—The 2018 Peace Road event started with a walk through central Helsinki and ended at a peace-themed program in the Finnish Parliament.

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