Austrians Revisit the Peace Bridge They Built

Reichraming, Austria—A number of Ambassadors for Peace from the state of Upper Austria met at a Peace Bridge that they constructed eight years earlier.

International Day of Families Observed in Italy

Bergamo, Italy—International Day of Families was celebrated in the northern Italian city of Bergamo under the theme "The Value of the Family for the New Millennium.”

Interfaith Peace Blessing Held in Durrës, Albania

Durrës, Albania—Approximately 200 people attended a “Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” in the Albanian port city of Durrës.

‘Peace Road’ Is Held in Shkodra, Albania

Shkodra, Albania—Approximately 150 people participated in the first “Peace Road” event to take place in the northwestern Albanian city of Shkodra

French Interfaith Forum Discusses the Afterlife

Paris, France—A new series of interreligious forums started with the topic “The Reality of Life after Death and Contemporary Society.”

International Day of Families Observed in Tirana, Albania

Tirana, Albania—More than 160 participants, including many prominent Albanians, attended a celebration of the UN International Day of Families in the UNESCO Hall of the National Historical Museum.

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