Literature, Music, and the Struggle for Freedom

Linz, Austria—In recognition of World Refugee Day, UPF held a “literature concert” that combined classical music with readings of the written word.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Is Conducted in Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany—Visitors to a UPF meeting received a taste of the unusual as they took part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Vienna Gathering Discusses Horn of Africa Prospects

Vienna, Austria—UPF-Austria was one of the organizers of a program titled “Perspectives for the Horn of Africa with a Special Focus on Sudan.”

Interfaith Unity Celebrated at Amsterdam Park

Amsterdam, Netherlands—UPF took part in an afternoon of interfaith and intercultural harmony held in a public park.

Karl Marx: Savior from the Dark Side

Bonn, Germany—Karl Marx, who studied briefly in Bonn, was the topic of a UPF event titled “Who Was Marx Really?”

Lecture Unlocks ‘Secretive North Korea’

Bratislava, Slovakia—Living conditions and tensions in North Korean society were the topic of a lecture presented by UPF-Slovakia.

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