Children from Israel, San Marino Build Friendships Through Soccer

San Marino, San Marino—Israeli and Sammarinese children participated in a week-long Soccer for Peace project that took place in San Marino.

12th Peace Trophy Tournament Is Held in Northern Italy

Monza, Italy—Nearly 100 young players competed in the finals of the Trofeo della Pace (Peace Trophy) interethnic football tournament.

Swiss Children Vie for Soccer’s Peace Cup

Novazzano, Switzerland—Ten teams of schoolchildren took part in the 2017 Peace Cup soccer tournament, which “entertains and socializes [and is] not just a competition.”

Israeli Children Play Soccer for Peace in San Marino

San Marino, San Marino—Fourteen Israeli children of different faiths visited San Marino for a special project of Soccer for Peace.

International Day of Peace Observed in Andorra

Ordino, Andorra—UPF-Andorra celebrated the 2016 International Day of Peace under the theme “Play Football Make Peace.”

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