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Quarterly newsletter Number 4 Quarterly newsletter Number 4

Letter from the publisher, Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East

Dr Katsumi OtsukaDear Readers,

This special edition of our Newsletter covers the main events surrounding the UPF World Summit 2019 held in Seoul, South Korea, in February.

The inaugural ceremony of the International Summit Council for Peace, the third Sunhak Peace Prize award ceremony, the International Conference on Peace in the Korean Peninsula, the 30th anniversary celebration of the Segye Times newspaper, the 25th International Conference on the Unity of Sciences, and other events brought together many world leaders as well as high officials of the Korean government.

This is a significant time in the history of the Korean nation. The World Summit commemorated the centenary of the March 1st Independence Movement, when the Korean people in 1919 rose against Japanese occupation. This is also the time for a possible turning point on the Korean Peninsula, when reunification at last may be envisioned.

Dear Readers, the recent Summit opened the year 2019 in grand fashion. We are now moving toward World Summit 2020, one year from now. It will be a milestone in the history of UPF. Let us work together for a successful year.

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