• Presentation of Dr Edit Schlaffer

    Presentation of Dr Edit Schlaffer, social scientist and founder of Women without Borders in Vienna, Austria in 2002

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  • How Is Europe to Deal With Violent Religious Extremism?

    Robin Marsh, secretary general, UPF-United Kingdom Chapter: United Kingdom

    To launch their Parliamentarians for Peace Initiative, Universal Peace Federation (UK) held a conference on the topic "How Is Europe to Deal With Violent Religious Extremism?" on 13 April, 2016, at the House of Parliament in London, United Kingdom hosted by Universal Peace Federation - UK Patron, Mr Virendra Sharma MP.

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  • Intervention by Robert Cutajar MP (Malta)

    Robert Cutajar MP (Malta)

    The recent terrorist attacks across the world have shown that terrorism is a global issue that spares no nationality or religion, but we know only too well that throughout history, people have perpetrated extreme violent acts in the name of religion, and of course such behaviour is triggered by multi-faceted factors including psychological, political, historical and theological elements.

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