Geneva, Switzerland - Under the banner of a UPF/Women's Federation for World Peace partnership, a European Leadership Conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland on March 25-26. During sessions held at the World Council of Churches and at the United Nations Office, nearly 200 participants, including legal and human rights professionals, religious leaders, grassroots activists, and UN Ambassadors representing over 30 nations were welcomed.

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Session 1 at the WCC: “Human Rights and Dignity: A New Paradigm for an Intercultural World”

Audio recording of session 1 at the WCC.

Session 2 at the UN: “Interreligious Cooperation and the Prevention of Incitement to National, Religious, and Racial Hatred”

Audio recording of session 2 at the UN.

Sessions 3-7

Session 1 and highlights of other sessions

Session 3: "Towards an Interreligious Council at the United Nations"

Session 4: "Human Rights based on Universal Principles: A New Paradigm"

Session 5: "Human Rights and Dignity, Gender Roles in a Culture of Peace"

Session 6: "Causes and Resolution of Conflict"

Session 7: "Closing and reflections"

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