Theme: "Interreligious cooperation and the prevention of incitement to racial, national and religious hatred".

Session 2: “Interreligious Cooperation and the Prevention of Incitement to National, Religious, and Racial Hatred” at the European Leadership Conference Tour 2011 - Geneva, Switzerland, March 25-26, 2011.

Dr Aaron Rhodes, President of FOREF – Europe

Remarks by Dr. Aaron Rhodes, Conference on Interreligious Cooperation and The Prevention of Incitement to National, Racial and Religious Hatred, United Nations Office Geneva • Room XXIV (24) • 14:00 - 16:30, Geneva, 25 March 2011.

Prof. em. Dr. Christian Brünner

Statement by Prof. em. Dr. Christian Brünner, University of Graz, Institute for Austrian, European and Comparative Public Law, Political Sciences and Public Administration at the European Leadership Conference, Geneva, 24.-26.3.2011.

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