The feminine does not amount only to the female sex. It is one of our psychic poles (together with the masculine), peculiar to men as well as to women. It has been associated for a long time with women only. The feminine has suffered from a certain contempt, the price of which the Western world has not finished paying. It starts becoming aware of that, right in the middle of the present global crisis:

A brief overview of the animus (masculine) and anima (feminine) according to the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

A reunification of our inner opposites (the gradual awareness of the fact that conflicts we have to solve are first within ourselves). The world disorders are only a reflection of internal, psychical, collective imbalances...

Respect for women and nature (as often recalls the philosopher Pierre Rabhi, we stick to false values because we are actually lacking values, giving free reign to our worst impulses: economics and finance without any bounds). The sense of measure and restraint is the feminine principle of governance.

Sabine Leblanc

Author: Sabine Leblanc

Philosopher and professor of general culture

Ms. Sabine Leblanc is a philosopher, professor of general culture and author of "Relations hommes-femmes mode d’emploi.

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