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More than 80 participants, mainly from Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Germany, met in the religious retreat Schloss Fuerstenried near Munich. The topic under discussion was the role of the family in Western society and the threat posed by gender ideology and so-called ‘gender mainstreaming.’

Presentations were given by academics, representatives of NGOs and politicians, among them a member of the Czech parliament and a Slovakian member of the European parliament as well as representatives of UPF and four other supporting organizations. The whole conference was accompanied by intensive dialogue and exchange of ideas.

At the very beginning of the conference there was a moment of silence to remember Fritz Piepenburg, executive director of UPF whose recent sudden death saddened us all.

After a short video introducing the audience to the goals of UPF International, the program got under way. The first part of the conference dealt with Moral Relativism and Genderism.

ELC Munich 11-2015 Day 1

ELC Munich 11-2015 Day 2

Summary video