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Prague, Czech Republic - As a follow-up to a conference on Family and Society on the 20th anniversary of the UN International Year of the Family which was organized together with the German UPF chapter in May 2014 in the Czech Parliament, UPF-Czech Republic convened a European Leadership Conference in the House of Parliament in Prague Oct. 14, 2014. The topic was "The Family in the 21st Century."

The purpose of the conference was to give useful information to parliamentarians, make connections with pro-family oriented NGOs and other organizations, and educate civil society. All three goals were fulfilled to some degree.

Speakers included educators, researchers, parliamentarians and activists from ten countries: Austria, Netherlands, France, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, the UK, Czech Republic, Korea and the USA. The conference was under auspices of three members of the Czech Parliament: Hon. Nina Nováková, Hon. Radka Maxová and Hon. Jiří Mihola and in cooperation with the Women’s Federation for World Peace and the Civic Institute.

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