Presentation by Peter Zoehrer, Chief Editor and Secretary General of FOREF-Europe, at the European Leadership Conference on the theme, "Human Rights: Are Democratic Nations Upholding a Better Standard?",  held on November 21-22, 2013, in the Houses of Parliament, London, United Kingdom.


Peter Zoehrer

Author: Peter Zoehrer

Executive Director, FOREF-Europe, Austria

Peter Zoehrer is the Founder and Executive Director of Forum for Religious Freedom – Europe (FOREF Europe), which was registered as an official association in 2005. He initiated the FOREF website in 1998 after the Austrian government introduced new laws, severely curtailing the rights of religious minority groups. It has since become a respected religious freedom monitor and medium-forum for members of religious minority groups, their opponents, public media, legislators, government agencies and Human rights defenders. Peter remains the driving force behind FOREF, which has scored numerous victories in helping victims of religious intolerance to regain their rights and be vindicated from injustice, discrimination or persecution.


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