Hon. Ksenia Svetlova

As days go by we in the Middle East see how the war monster is destroying our present - by terror and death and horror, our past - by destroying the precious artworks, temples and sculptures, and our future - by luring our children into the dark hole of hatred and fanaticism.

Prof. Simon Holberton

Thank you very much. I’m delighted to be here day to participate in this discussion. I’d like to start by saying a few words about the state of social media today. Then, I want to move to consider (briefly) some of threats to communication across social networks. And then I want to conclude by looking at a positive development of promoting peace through social media.

Hon. Zuheir Bahloul

Distinguished world leaders, parliamentarians, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a great honor and privilege for me to share with you a few thoughts about the topic our chairman has articulated.

Hon. Ulviyya Agayeva

Dear participants of the conference, ladies and gentlemen, we know, existing in the world problems such as territorial dispute, religious and racial conflicts, terrorism, climate change, environmental pollution, poverty, hunger, the spread of nuclear weapons obstructs the development of humanity and establishment of peace in the world.

Hon. Hilik Bar

First, I am very excited to be here at the British Parliament to actually discuss peace. I am not saying this just for nothing, because it’s not very popular to discuss peace; not in our region, in the Middle East and in Israel between us and the Palestinians, and definitely not in parliament. What we are doing here, UPF at the British parliament, is amazing; it is to put peace at the top of the priorities.

Hon. Eleonora Bechis

Today in this institutional setting I’m going to talk to you with humility and passion about the reasons why I consider essential, for my country and for the whole world, the establishment of a worldwide association of parliamentarians, whose purpose is to weave a rich, continuous dialogue in order to build peace and the awakening of human consciousness.

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