International Day of Peace Observed in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic—Three distinguished speakers presented their ideas about peace at a special discussion organized by UPF.

International Day of Peace Event Examines Media Bias

Bonn, Germany—The UPF commemoration started with a comparison of “peace journalism” vs. “war journalism.”

International Day of Peace Observed in Munich

Munich, Germany—"Active for a Climate of Peace" was the title of the UPF commemoration of the 2019 International Day of Peace.

International Day of Peace Observed in Norway

Oslo, Norway—In a program titled “Perspectives on Peace,” faith leaders offered their views on the way to attain peace.

Hungarian Ambassadors for Peace Honor UPF Founder

Budapest, Hungary—Ambassadors for Peace, prominent artists and families paid tribute to the UPF founder seven years after his passing.

Portuguese Delegation Joins Africa Summit

São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe—A group representing UPF-Portugal took part in a summit of political and religious representatives from 27 African countries.

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