Barrister Jacqueline Onalo (second from left) is awarded an Ambassador for Peace certificate by Margaret Ali, director of UPF-UK; Dr. David Hanna, UPF...
Angelique Monet, founder of New Generation in Action’s AFI World Peace Initiative (left).
Elham Fardad, a senior manager at Ernst & Young and the founder of the Migrant Leaders mentoring program.
The audience listens to Elham Fardad.
Elham Fardad and Dominic Hoyte, one of UPF-UK’s Young Achievers and now a mentor.
Dr. Marina Nani, an author and radio presenter, and Dr. Gill Barham, a broadcast presenter and advocate for mental and social health, are presented wi...
Jonathan Blain, author of the book “Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters”.
Breakout discussion groups with UPF lecturer Tim Miller (standing).

London, United Kingdom—UPF-UK held its Annual Peace Council, drawing together Ambassadors for Peace, long-standing friends, branch chairs, and others from across the United Kingdom.

Areas of activity, such as the work with Young Achievers, Women's Empowerment, Family and Marriage and the Inter-relationship of Religion and Politics, were all included in the meeting, held at the UPF offices on December 14, 2018. Updates from UPF activities around the world were given.

A series of videos from the event have been uploaded on YouTube and can accessed through this link. Photos of the afternoon are posted here and here.

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