International Day of Families Observed in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany—“Family and Inclusive Societies” was the theme of a celebration of UN International Day of Families 2018.

UPF-Spain: Noted Imam Offers New Vision

Madrid, Spain—Imam Seyed Ali Talqani told a UPF-sponsored gathering, “We need an Islam that serves the people.”

Sunhak Laureate Speaks to Full House in UK

Birmingham, United Kingdom—A diverse audience of several hundred squeezed into a private home to hear a message of hope from Sunhak Peace Prize winner Dr. Sakena Yacoobi.

Ambassadors for Peace Learn about UPF

Prague, Czech Republic—Czech Ambassadors for Peace were invited to a lecture on the life of UPF founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

Ambassadors for Peace Study UPF Principles

Ohrid, Macedonia—UPF-Albania held a seminar at which 43 Ambassadors for Peace from Albania and Kosovo studied the UPF Principles of Peace in greater depth.

An Interfaith Approach to Loving One’s Enemy

Prague, Czech Republic—The Czech chapter of UPF initiated a study of World Scripture with a discussion of the theme “Love Your Enemy.”

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