Ambassadors for Peace Deepen Bonds at UK Retreat

Seend, United Kingdom—A weekend retreat allowed Ambassadors for Peace to form friendships as well as study Principles of Peace.

UK Parents Protest ‘Destruction of Innocence’

Birmingham, United Kingdom—More than 100 people gathered to discuss the challenging influences that are impacting children and young people in modern society.

Young Achievers Honored in Houses of Parliament

Twenty young men and women received the UPF Youth Achievement Award for outstanding efforts in service and volunteering.

Discussion Focuses on Afghanistan’s Potential

Vienna, Austria—UPF co-sponsored a roundtable discussion titled “Economic Potentials and Opportunities in Afghanistan.”

International Day of Families Observed in Portugal

Odivelas, Portugal—The 2019 UN International Day of Families was celebrated with a conference and a Peace Blessing ceremony.


Vienna, Austria—UPF-Austria held a roundtable discussion titled “Horn of Africa and the Middle East – Perspectives for Peace and Development.”

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