World Summit Report Given in Hussite Church

Bratislava, Slovakia—The Czechoslovak Hussite Church was the site of a profound report about the UPF World Summit.

Ukrainian Youth Try Model G20 Summit

Kyiv, Ukraine—Students were given the chance to be diplomats as they participated in the first youth model of the G20 Summit in Ukraine.

International Women’s Day Observed in U.K.

London, United Kingdom—International Women’s Day 2019 was marked by UPF with a program in the House of Lords.

Conference at UN Vienna Focuses on Horn of Africa

Vienna, Austria—Two hundred guests attended a conference at United Nations headquarters in Vienna titled “Perspectives for Sustainable Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa.”

Interfaith Breakfast Discusses Young People’s Faith

Linz, Austria—An interfaith breakfast dealt with the question of how young people find their own way to embrace their parents’ religious traditions.

International Women’s Day Observed in Portugal

Loures, Portugal—Around 30 guests came to a celebration of International Women's Day with the theme “The Power of Woman and Woman in Power.”

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