Peace Councils Established in Two Kosovan Cities

Pristina, Kosovo—Local Peace Councils have been established in the cities of Ferizaj and Gjakova.

Portuguese City Invites UPF to Partner in Interfaith Event

Odivelas, Portugal—UPF and an affiliated organization were invited by the city’s Municipal Chamber to be its partners in an interreligious event.

Albanian Youth Inspired by UPF Founder

Vlorë, Albania—High school students participated in an essay competition, organized by UPF, which was inspired by the UPF founder.

World Summit Report Given in Hussite Church

Bratislava, Slovakia—The Czechoslovak Hussite Church was the site of a profound report about the UPF World Summit.

Ukrainian Youth Try Model G20 Summit

Kyiv, Ukraine—Students were given the chance to be diplomats as they participated in the first youth model of the G20 Summit in Ukraine.

International Women’s Day Observed in U.K.

London, United Kingdom—International Women’s Day 2019 was marked by UPF with a program in the House of Lords.

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