A Look Back at the Korean Independence Movement

Vienna, Austria—The 100th anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement was celebrated with a program at the UPF offices.

Doctor Exposes the Scourge of Fake Medicines

Copenhagen, Denmark—Counterfeit pharmaceuticals injure and kill thousands of people, a medical doctor told a UPF thematic meeting.

Suriname Seen as Model of Religious Tolerance

Amsterdam, Netherlands—Suriname, a country where religions live peacefully and warmly together, was discussed at a UPF meeting.

UPF-Denmark Discusses Compassion and Empathy

Copenhagen, Denmark—The first UPF meeting of the year focused on developing a peaceful attitude that is conducive to peaceful actions.

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia—World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019 inspired a discussion of “Fanaticism and Tolerance – Obstacle and Impetus for Interfaith Dialogue.”

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in London

London, United Kingdom—Eminent speakers from Parliament and religious groups attended an interfaith program held with UPF support.

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