Spanish Faith Leaders Meet ‘for Peace and Dialogue’

Marbella, Spain—One hundred representatives of different faiths attended the “Meeting for Peace and Dialogue: Strengthening Ties among Different Paths.”

Swiss Ambassadors for Peace Attend Seminar

Geneva, Switzerland—UPF held its first seminar of the year for Ambassadors for Peace, with 12 attendees.

UPF-Portugal Meets Prominent Professor

Lisbon, Portugal—A UPF-Portugal delegation had a meeting with Professor Paulo Mendes Pinto to introduce him to UPF and its activities.

China’s War against Religions Exposed

Bratislava, Slovakia—To commemorate Human Rights Day, UPF-Slovakia organized the presentation “LAOGAI – Gulag Labor Camps in China.”

Austrian Interfaith Breakfast Gathers Peacemakers

Linz, Austria—An interreligious and intercultural breakfast gathered about 40 people representing different faiths.

Ambassadors for Peace Plan Character Education

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF organized three working meetings of Ambassadors for Peace in order to implement the UPF character education program.

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