UPF-Portugal Hosts Religious Freedom Colloquium

Lisbon, Portugal—The president of the Religious Freedom Commission attended a UPF-organized multifaith event.

UPF-Denmark Holds Collaborative Peace Road Event

UPF-Denmark’s Peace Road 2018 event included a peace march and a symposium with the theme “How to Promote Dialogue.”

UPF-Portugal Holds Interfaith Discussion

Lisbon, Portugal—The International Day for Tolerance was commemorated with an interfaith discussion of ecumenical issues.

UPF-Italy Sponsors Interfaith Forum on the Family

Bologna, Italy—Conference participants took on the topic of “The Family: A Common Base of All Religions.”

Reconsidering Reagan and the Cold War

Bratislava, Slovakia—The U.S. president’s role in the abolishment of Soviet communism was discussed in a program held by UPF.

UPF-Italy Sponsors Conference on the Family at Mosque

Bologna, Italy—"The Family, the Common Basis of All Religions" was discussed at the Ahmadiyya Community Mosque.

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