Role of Faith Organizations in Criminal Justice Discussed

Vienna, Austria—UPF organized a side-meeting to the 28th Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

International Day of Families Observed in Austria

Vienna, Austria—Fifty guests attended a conference titled “Family as the Basis of a Sustainable Future,” held to commemorate International Day of Families.

International Day of Families Observed in Italy

Almè, Italy—"Family - Education - Wellness” was the theme of the International Day of Families commemoration held in a small town outside Bergamo.

UPF Founder’s Life Inspires Essay Competition

Ersekë, Albania—High-school students once again took part in an essay competition based on the autobiography of the UPF founder.

International Day of Families Observed in Albania

Tirana, Albania—About 120 persons attended a UPF celebration of International Day of Families held in the National History Museum.

Ambassadors for Peace Refreshed at Seaside Seminar

Bergen aan Zee, Netherlands—Thirty participants gathered at a beautiful North Sea resort town for a seminar on the “UPF Vision and Peace Principles.”

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