Vienna Gathering Discusses Horn of Africa Prospects

Vienna, Austria—UPF-Austria was one of the organizers of a program titled “Perspectives for the Horn of Africa with a Special Focus on Sudan.”

Interfaith Unity Celebrated at Amsterdam Park

Amsterdam, Netherlands—UPF took part in an afternoon of interfaith and intercultural harmony held in a public park.

Karl Marx: Savior from the Dark Side

Bonn, Germany—Karl Marx, who studied briefly in Bonn, was the topic of a UPF event titled “Who Was Marx Really?”

Lecture Unlocks ‘Secretive North Korea’

Bratislava, Slovakia—Living conditions and tensions in North Korean society were the topic of a lecture presented by UPF-Slovakia.

Stand Up to ‘Spiral of Silence,’ Austrians Told

Linz, Austria—A UPF event focused on the difficulty that many people have in voicing unpopular opinions.

Czech Audience Discovers the Real Karl Marx

Prague, Czech Republic—In the bicentennial of his birth, a public lecture held by UPF asked the question “Who Was Karl Marx in Reality?”

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