An announcement about facial masks being sold with the help of UPF
Friendly faces at the mask distribution center
A UPF staff member prepares the masks.
Inside the Acácia association offices in the city of Cascais
UPF staff members prepare the masks.
A Cascais resident arrives to purchase some masks.

Cascais, Portugal—UPF has been active in volunteer work during the coronavirus-related lockdown of spring 2020.

UPF-Portugal was invited to collaborate with the Acácia association in the sale and distribution of cloth and surgical masks to inhabitants of the city of Cascais.

The goal of the action is to make protective materials available to everyone at an affordable price.

This collaboration, which will continue weekly, has been attended mostly by volunteers each time.

In addition, we are grateful that this service project is giving us the opportunity to approach the municipality of Cascais about Character Education.

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